ERASMUS+ – A focus on geohazards – From Lillehammer to COURMAYEUR

Seconda parte dello scambio: MERCOLEDI’ 20 SETTEMBRE – LUNEDI’ 25 SETTEMBRE 2023: diciassette alunni della Videregående skole di Lillehammer trascorrono una settimana a Courmayeur.


On the Wednesday 20th Septembre 17 students and 2 teachers from Lillehammer Videregående skole flew from Oslo to Malpensa with our students to continue with the Erasmus + exchange project “Reacting and Adapting to Climate Change”. The aim of the project being to investigate the local consequences of climate change and understand how we can react and adapt at a local and global level.

On Thursday 21st September we visited the headquarters of Fondazione Montagna Sicura where the students were given a presentation about the Foundation’s mission, an overview of the culture of safety in the mountains and of the study of climate change in mountain areas. 

In the afternoon students from the II International class gave the Norwegian students a guided tour around the school and Courmayeur.

The students along with the guides from Courmayeur went up Skyway to Punta Helbronner and then took the lift down to Rifugio Torino. From there they began a walk on the glacier in small groups roped together, each with a guide. Once they reached the staircase which leads to the Toula glacier, the students were able to see how much the glacier has retreated. The students interviewed the guides to learn how  climate change is affecting their work in the high mountains and to find out how they are adapting to this situation. Many of the students had never been on a glacier and for this reason it was truly an exciting new experience.

On Friday 22nd September the group were taken on a  glacier walk from Refuge Torino, thanks to the “Approaching  the mountains” project initiated by the Friends of the Courmayeur Guides.

In the afternoon the group took the bus to Lavachey in Val Ferret and walked up to Refuge Bonatti where they spent the night together. The next day they walked the TMB path towards Refuge Elena to observe the Prè de Bar Glacier. In the afternoon after taking the bus to Val Veny  the students were given a lesson about the moraine of the Brenva glacier.

On Sunday the 24th September the students were taken on a walking tour in the municipality of Morgex. Here they observed where the avalanche of Lavachey occurs and the protective and prevention measures that have been put in place. The group were then taken to the vineyards of the Cav Mont Blanc, the highest in Europe and took part in a learning activity about the effects climate change is having on the vines.

The afternoon was spent in Aosta where they took part in a treasure hunt to learn about the most important historical sights while working together in international teams. The trip concluded with a farewell pizza meal all together.

This project has enriched the teaching and learning process by bringing students into direct contact with nature and making them aware of climate change related issues that are affecting us both at a local and global level and   Working on the project with a school from a different country has allowed our students to improve their foreign language competencies, exchange ideas and develop their teamwork, cross-cultural and inclusive skills. Students have also improved their sense of civic responsibility.